A top 10 US Research University's Research Portal

All institutional research entitities including School of Medicine.

Research at the University brings in over $750 million a year in grants, much of which is through the School of Medicine. The proposal, protocol, regulation, oversight and management of our research is very complex and involves dozens of home-grown and third party applications.

I am leading the development of a Research Portal, which will combine potential actions, information and deep links from these many applications. The main user for phase 1 is the chief researcher known as the Principal Investigator. I am a primary stakeholder for this user.

Over dozens of interviews, hours of application exploration, and intensive competitive analysis I have written (and rewritten) the content requirements and prototyped several iterations. As of June 2016, I am finalizing this prototype and requirements. I also conducted six focus groups in February.

The prototype is not "designed." It is intentionally bland. The content is dense. The purpose of this phase of the project development is to determine the highest-priority content from a wide variety of sources and how the pieces fit together.