• showcase
    Research Symposium

    Design & Code

  • showcase
    Vice Provost for Research

    Design & Code

  • showcase
    Penn Teach In 2018

    Design & Code

  • showcase
    Diversity Summit

    Design & Code

  • showcase
    Gates Foundation

    46 page Print Report

  • showcase
    Penn eNotebooks

    Design & Code

  • showcase

    Design & Code

  • showcase
    Population Studies Center


  • showcase

    Membership Site (Wordpress)

  • showcase
    University Research Portal

    Prototype & Requirements

  • showcase
    Father Otts

    Responsive Catering Website

  • showcase
    Invoicing Platform

    Phone Bill Redesign Sample

  • showcase

    Logo, web design & code.

  • showcase
    Conflict of Interest

    Wireframe & Workflows

  • showcase
    Lehigh Health Network

    Quarterly Email Newsletters

  • showcase
    MollyMax Pet Supplies

    Logo design.

  • showcase
    Alexadre Cyrus Winery

    Web design.

  • showcase
    Black Eyed Peas

    San Francisco, Flyers & Newspaper Ad

  • showcase
    Great Amer. Music Hall

    Posters for SF Venues

  • showcase
    Online Auctions

    Magazine Ad

  • showcase
    Zvert Media

    Logo design

  • showcase

    Logo, website & print work

  • showcase
    Expense System UI Flow

    User Flow PDF

  • showcase
    Dave Grisman Quintent

    Posters, postcards, flyers, newspaper


Creative Strategy, Branding, Art Direction, jQuery/JS, Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Code, Mobile, Wordpress, UX/UI, Interactive Marketing, SEO, Templates, Campaigns, Logos, Microsites, CMS


Logos themes campaigns

Expert Coding

jQuery, CSS3, HTML5

Responsive Dev

Compatible & Innovative

About Us

With almost 20 years of professional corporate identity, marketing strategy, information architecture, art direction, responsive HTML5/CSS3 Code, UX/UI, SEO, microsite and CMS design & development experience, SezG Design can help you crystallize your needs, create a design you love, and bring those concepts to life with stable, responsive, scalable code.

Our client list includes Ivy League institutions, major Health Systems and top ranked Advertising Agencies… as well as the local restaurant, pet sitter and artist.

  • Solid, open and ethical client communications
  • Award winning design skills (Cannes, IBA, Utne Reader)
  • Unique, forward-thinking creativity
  • Flexibility for your timeline, process and budget
  • Clean, tight code and cross browser/device compatibility
  • Strong search engine optimization
  • Seamless integration with existing branding or development of a new brand identity
  • Attractive, practical and affordable print and web marketing materials
  • A commitment to a quality product we're both proud of


"I had the pleasure of working with Sez closely for many years as she was our Creative Director and I was the primary Ops stakeholder. Sez always impressed me with her desire to thoroughly understand the operational needs of the business. Her constant insight and recommendations greatly improved both our online customer experience and our general site navigation.

Sez is a pleasure to work with and a great person to collaborate with to flush out new-business ideas and direction. It was not uncommon for our top business stakeholders to get input from Sez before making critical decisions about the direction of the business.

I would strongly recommend Sez to any organization that is looking for the highest level of creativity and design. In my experiences her work-product is of the highest caliber, and I would jump at the chance to have Sez be the creative force behind any web property I am associated with."

-- Greg Huling
VP of Operations at BBH Media

Sez is a talented and articulate Creative Director and Web Designer with a solid work ethic and great technical chops. She is able to work collaboratively across organizations to help define requirements and to partner successfully with software development teams to bring projects in on time."

-- George Terrone
President at ITS

"I had the honor of working with Sez closely for almost 10 years. She is a very talented web and print designer and her CSS & JavaScript skills are impressive as well. After working with her to create literally hundreds (if not thousands) of content pages and portals over the years, I can honestly say it would be very difficult to find someone with her creative talents combined with such an impressive work ethic and the high standards she ensures her work lives up to."

-- Shawn Tyler
CEO at SEO Fusion, LLC

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